Bad Ass Red Dress Society (BARDS) empowers women who have thoughts, ideas, and/or live a lifestyle of LBT, Open Relationships, Polyamory, Sexual Liberation, Swinging, Exploration of “Dark Secrets”, or however you define yourself as “alternative to mainstream”. 

BARDS is a place where you Connect, Create and Thrive along Your Authentic Journey.  By designing and living an Intentional life of your dreams, you develop your powerful authentic self.   Therefore increasing Abundance, Liberation, and Freedom in your life.

We welcome women who are growth minded and have thoughts, ideas and/or a lifestyle which is “alternative to the mainstream”.  However, no one in general society would know you have such thoughts, ideas or lifestyle. 

Sorry men, but this is NOT a place for you.

At this point, you may feel the need to hide a part of yourself and possibly even deny who you really are, due to society’s expectations and rules about what is acceptable.

This is a Safe Place for You

Bad Ass Red Dress Society is open to adult women of all ages, races, shapes, sizes, colors, creeds, backgrounds, sexual orientation, relationship orientation, configuration or status, religious or spiritual practices and personal identity. 

This is a group which embraces diversity in all its glorious forms. 

Do you identify as someone who society doesn’t look twice at?   Yet you live a lifestyle or have thoughts inside you which some might call “deviant, dark, unconventional, or alternative”.

As a result, you live your “Authentic life” in the closet because your friends and family would not approve or would shun you.

You may be feeling isolated, or alone in your thoughts, feelings and/or your lifestyle. 

I am here to tell you…YOU are in GOOD COMPANY here at Bad Ass Red Dress Society.

How you got to this point in your life does not matter as much as how to get where you want to go, and be who you want to be. 


Is This You?

Do you feel a level of dissatisfaction in your life, but don’t really know why?

Is your “real authentic self” someone who doesn’t fit into society’s expectations of “acceptable”?

Are you afraid to, or don’t know how to, effectively and honestly communicate your needs, wants and desires?

Do you seek women friends with whom you can talk about your Alternative Lifestyle or Alternative Thoughts?

Are you living your life for yourself, or someone else?  

Is your live filled with obligations to society?

Are you seeking information about Alternative Lifestyles?

Would you like to connect with other women who accept and understand you in ways your current friends and family can’t?

Who can you talk with?

Where can you turn to when you need direction helping you be your Bad Ass Red Dress Authentic Self?

Who can you trust?

Where You Begin

Bad Ass Red Dress Society guides your journey of collaboration, connection, acceptance, support and guidance from and with other women. 

These are women who have life experiences to share which help you on your Journey of self-discovery.  You can also benefit from sharing yours.

Trust between and acceptance of each other is paramount.  BARDS embraces the unique diversity which exists within the women  of our Society.  

Women come to BARDS seeking a place to ask questions, find answers, and create community with other Authentic women.

Open, Bluntly Honest, Caring and Transparent communication is critical .  This helps to broaden your perspectives and be free of restrictive practices.  

BARDS teaches you new ways to speak and interact within yourself and with others.

We are non-judgmental about where you are in your journey. We embrace you where you are.

Common Denominator

Our common denominator is we are all women. We have experiences of being a woman in society and cultures, relationships, sexuality, spirituality, family structures and within our inner soul.

Similarly, you come from cultures, family structures, religious constructs and relationships which have limited, restricted, oppressed, and/or suppressed you. These experiences range from mild to extreme.  They kept you from finding and being your true authentic self.  This is especially true about your sexuality.

In addition, you are living, curious about or interested in Ethical and Consensual Non-Monogamous  Lifestyles or other “alternative” lifestyles  are at home among Bad Ass Red Dress Society Women.

Arguably, many Alternative Lifestyles are not yet fully accepted by the general public.  These include Bisexuality, Transgender, Polyamory, Open Relationships, Swinging.  As well as Friends with Benefits, Being an Ethical Slut, Kink, or however you define your “non-conforming” thoughts, desires or interests.

We are not a counseling service, nor therapy. We provide information, guidance, reflection, acceptance, connection, and community.  BARDS supports you to learn, create, and live an intentional life bringing you increasing Abundance, Liberation and Freedom.

How We Help You Create Your Authentic Self

By connecting with BARDS, we help you find, create, and develop your Powerful Authentic Self by providing information for you to discover and learn from as well as a community of like minded women to share with and learn from.

Sometimes you receive inspiration.  Other times we will uplift you, soothe you, and allow you to connect with your Authentic Self.  

Ultimately, there is tremendous power in connection. Through our BARDS Ventura County Meetup Group, you connect with other women enhancing your life in so many beautiful ways.

Find, nurture, and grow your Authentic Self by taking advantage of the connections you make along the way of your journey.  As a consequence, you will live a life you love creating the Abundance, Liberation and Freedom you so deeply desire.


Wherever you are along your journey, we invite you to join us.  Come create an amazing circle of friends who are powerful, authentic, bold, sexy, loving, and connected.  From here on, live your life of increasing Abundance, Liberation and Freedom.