This is Our Life Journey

Kat Linquist and Mark Clayton are an ECNM couple whose passions brought them together in both life and business.  They created ECNM Lifestyles Association and Bad Ass Red Dress Society as platforms for sharing their experiences, their love, their passions, and their journeys so others can create and enjoy an intentional life increasing Abundance, Liberation and Freedom.

Mark is the Executive Director of ECNM Lifestyles Association and Kat is the Director of BARDSociety.  Together they are bringing people together and empowering individuals to create and design lives where you wake up every day loving life and creating a trajectory increasing Abundance, Liberation, and Freedom.

Where We Came From

Kat lived a life of suppression and inauthenticity after meeting her now ex-husband at age 19.  Prior to that, she explored and began to develop her Authentic Self.  For example, she had romantic and sexual relationships with a men and women separately.  Yet also at the same time, with each knowing about the other.

Raised in a fairly conservative Christian home, Kat’s Authentic Inner Soul was Polyamorous, Bisexual, and an Ethical Slut.  Therefore, this radiant and beautiful creature was suppressed and manipulated to move away from her Authentic self to be “pleasing and conforming” to those around her.  However, her sense of self, self-worth and self-love was underdeveloped.  For this reason, Kat complied.  She allowed others to determine who she was to be and the course of her live.

Kat married the man she was with since she was 19, at the age of 24.  She gave birth to her daughter at 30.  From that point on, she endured a life which depressed and suppressed her.  Kat ended up on various pharmaceutical medication for depression and acid reflux.

At 41, she experienced a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) which is a stroke that ends up resolving before too much damage is done to the brain.  As a result, this was a huge wake up call for Kat.  She needed to make some changes in her life.  In 2011 at the age of 42 she started to make changes in her life.

Ultimately, Kat began her journey to becoming the Bad Ass Red Dress she is today.  She is an openly Bisexual and ECNM woman who embraces her Authentic Self.  She shares more details about this transition in her blog series.


Kat is now transitioning from a 25 year career in Early Childhood Education to create Bad Ass Red Dress Society and ECNM Lifestyles Association with her non-legal husband Mark Clayton.  They live in Ventura, California with their cat Isis.