Are You a Dreamer?

Do you have dreams which you think will never come true?  Maybe you have dream of fabulous travel adventures, or attaining notoriety in your field, making a million dollars, recording an album, running a marathon, attending the Olympics, or being in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

When you dream, you are creating and designing the life you really desire to have.  You are putting out to the Universe your most treasured desires.  Do you know what the Universe does with your desires??

IT MAKES THEM A REALITY!  Really.  I’m not joking…

WHAT?  How is that possible?  I’m not taking a trip to Paris, or Hong Kong.  I don’t have a million dollars.  I’m not a marathon runner…

The Universe is an amazing source of collective energy, which is all knowing and all loving.  When you dream, you are asking the Universe for what you desire.  So the Universe sets up all the necessary components, and your Authentic Self (or Inner Soul) embodies all that which is needed to make your dream become a reality.

So, on an energetic level, all your dreams have already come true… the house, the car, the relationship, the children, the job, the travel, the dreams and desires of your heart are ready and waiting for you.  This energetic level is something you can feel, it is not tangible by our five senses.

It is our sixth sense – our emotions and our energy, which holds our dreams in perfect harmony, and as you learn to connect with your Authentic Self those dreams start to become a reality.

Here’s what I have been able to bring into my life, just in the past 6 months by connecting with my Authentic Self:

In May 2016 after a visit with my daughter in California, I returned to Seattle WA where my husband picked me up from the airport.  He knows this is a very difficult thing for me…to return to Seattle, when my heart is in California (for many reasons).  He told me he would support me to start looking for jobs in California.

Within a few weeks, I had done significant work to connect with my Authentic Self, and then found out my job in Seattle was ending.  I put to the Universe I wanted a job making $90,000 or more.  In my field of early childhood education this is nearly unheard of.  I also began to envision living near the beach, smelling and listening to the ocean in my daydreams.  I would think about how the sand felt on my feet, the water, the air, everything about it.  I missed it so much.  It was my dream to go “home”.

I started looking and within the first week applied to 3 jobs at $90K or more.  They kept coming.  All over the state, progressing further and further south, (closer to my daughter and parents).  Finally one opened up less than an hour away from my daughter and parents.  I applied.

I got an interview, and flew down in the middle of my family vacation to make it happen.  It came down to me and one other person.  I didn’t get the job.  But by that time, I had already make a commitment and decision to move to that area.

Mark and I talked about what it was that the job represented.  It was the means to live close to my daughter, my parents and also near the beach.  So we decided to take a Leap Of Faith and sought out a living situation which I could then afford on my unemployment and small savings.  Less that two weeks from our move date, we connected with someone who agreed to rent us a room at an affordable price.

We moved at the end of August 2016, and now are living in Ventura CA: 10 minutes from the beach, and less than an hour from my parents and my daughter.

This would not have happened as quickly and as well if I had not been connecting with my Authentic Self on a daily basis, and learning, understanding and having faith in the Universe, and the Laws which govern our experience here on earth.

I am now creating Bad Ass Red Dress Society.  I know it will be successful and I will be connecting and working with women all across the country and the world over the next few years.  So, keep checking the website to see all the exciting things which are coming soon…including our initial membership level and products.  As we grow, then our connection groups and travel adventures and excursions will be launched.

I am here to walk your dreaming Journey with you, to help you manifest your dreams into the reality of your life. Iam so happy ou are here to walk my Journey with me too.  You are in Good Company.

Happy Musings,



Go With the FLOW

Living in Southern California has its iconic moments, like driving the 101 along the coast and watching the surfers rip up the waves.  It is quite a sight to behold.  Have you ever wondered how they do it?

Yes there are skills and techniques to surfing.  How to prepare your board (waxing), how to get up, stand and balance.  These are the physical skills, like a painter learning to use different kinds of brush strokes, paints, and canvases.

Then there is the ART of SURFING.  This comes in the surfer’s ability to read the subtlety of the wave, to feel the ocean beneath them, anticipate the trajectory of the movement, and then co-create with the wave, GOING WITH THE FLOW, and doing what FEELS right.

This is a beautiful metaphor of how you create your life each and every day.  You are the artist, the Creative Designer of your life, co-creating with the world around you, the people you come in contact with, the events, situations and daily activities you engage in.

For so long, I pushed against my FLOW.  I tried to make my life move in a direction I wasn’t meant to go in.  I think the expression is “I kept beating my head against the wall”.  Well, the wall never moved, and I got a big headache from it.

Are you beating your head against a wall?

So Kat, how do I find my FLOW?

If you feel at ease, relaxed, happy, blissful, joyful, content, and satisfied then you are in your FLOW.  If you feel uneasy, frustrated, anxious, or angry, you are ALSO in your FLOW. 

Depending on how you feel, the flow is either taking you towards the things you most desire, or taking/keeping you away from the things you most desire.

The bigger question is:

How do I use my flow to get me to where I want to be?

If you are experiencing feelings of unease, discord, frustration, anxiousness or any other feeling which doesn’t “feel so good”, then try reaching for just a little bit better feeling.  Sometimes when you are in full on ANGER, you can reach for FRUSTRATION.  That’s a better feeling than anger.  From Frustration you can reach for Anxious.  From Anxious you can reach for Wondering.  From Wondering you can reach for Hope.

Now you have turned the flow towards the things you desire and the change in momentum will keep you flowing in the new direction.  It only takes a small amount of momentum to get things shifted.

Take a moment today, and check in with your FLOW.  Where is it?  Can you shift it?  

Let me know if you need some support.

I am here to walk your Journey with you.  You are in Good Company.

Happy Musing,


Appreciation Vs. Gratitude

Thanksgiving Thursday: Expressing appreciation for all that the Universe is, and all you have – not necessarily material possessions, but the internal gifts you have, the understanding you are growing in, the absolute value you are.

I have used the terms gratitude and appreciation almost interchangeably for most of my life. Many people do that, not understanding the difference between them.

I didn’t.

Until a few days ago.

I came to understand the feelings of appreciation and gratitude are very different. When I am connected to my Authentic Self, I feel a deep emotion, like “being in love”. It is a powerful, exhilarating, oneness which I can only express to you as PURE JOY and HAPPINESS.

This is the feeling of appreciation. I can sync up with this feeling during my day and have amazing experiences while eating a meal, exercising, being with nature or someone I love.

The counterpart – gratitude, comes from a feeling of having overcome an obstacle or a challenge. This has a focus on something “negative” which has now become “positive”, but you still notice and acknowledge the “negative” part of the situation.

The quote I offer you today, is how I feel everyday. When I fill my soul with appreciation, for waking up, for my delightful kitty Isis, for my husband Mark, for my bed, my home, my passionate work on BARDSociety, my family and friends, and revel in all that is, I become open to connecting UNCONDITIONALLY with the Universe.

In another post, I will talk about what it means to be “unconditional”, and how we can shift our thinking towards becoming more in tune with ourselves, and less with the situations and behaviors of other people.

For today, I encourage you to think about how you feel when you focus on appreciating the things, people and elements of your life, versus feeling gratitude for them.

As always, I am here to walk your Journey with You. You are in Good Company.

Happy Musings,