Are You Headed in the Right Direction?

When you are young, you think you know what you want out of life – yet how much of what “YOU” want is really what other people have told you to want – things like a secure job working for someone else, getting married and having a monogamous life, having children, a big house in a fancy neighborhood, a secure retirement, someone to grow old with?

Is this really the direction YOU WANT your life to go in?  If so, then great!!

But IF NOT, and you follow the road which leads you to these places, you may find yourself in a place where you are more and more unhappy, depressed, unfulfilled, and very much lacking in joy, pleasure and satisfaction.

I went down that road when I was young.  I really didn’t know any better because so much of my upbringing was centered on church, and “living a good life”, even though my Authentic Self was expressing herself in my ECNM and Bisexual engagement with my boyfriend and “girl-friend” in high school.  I thought because I fell in love with someone, that I then had to give up all of myself for that person.

It was a long, and progressively unhappy road.   You may feel this is the road you are on too…

There is GOOD NEWS!  You can change the road you are on!  Yes, you are in the driver’s seat of your life, and you can decide to change course.

It doesn’t come all at once.  You will find each day you are turning a little bit more towards the direction you want to go in and soon you will find your direction has shifted.

Here at Bad Ass Red Dress Society, we help you to find and create your Authentic Self, and to design an intentional life increasing your Abundance Liberation and Freedom.  This is a Journey, a lifelong Journey in which you are constantly learning, growing and expanding yourself through your thoughts, actions, words, and connections with others.

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I’m here to help you shift directions in your Journey, and create the Authentic You.  You are in Good Company.

Happy Musings.


Looking Through a New Lens

Well, here we are, three days into the New Year.

Did you make any Resolutions this year? Any Goals?

Any Commitments or Challenges for yourself?
Do you do this every year?

How do they work out for you?

Do you really stick to them?

Is your life forever transformed because of them?

If you’re like most women, you decide there is something about your life you want to be different, like losing weight, getting a promotion, starting a new hobby, working out, or saving money.

You make a plan, and you start out with energy. Yet, soon that energy fades and you’re back to your old routines.


Because it was the SAME OLD YOU who showed up to the party…

That’s right. YOU are still the same… so how can you expect any aspect of your life to be different?

The way to really transform your life is to begin with YOUR INNER SELF.

Take time to look at your patterns of living and see how you play out the same things, it might be different faces – different faces, and yet ultimately the same things continue to happen over and over.

Once you figure out there are things within you, hidden things which you are not aware have a powerful influence over your thoughts, feelings, words and actions, THEN you will be able to make real and lasting transformation in your life.

It takes looking at yourself with a NEW LENS, to see where you are, to love yourself for where you are, to acknowledge and embrace the life you have led so far… which will have the greatest impact in creating real change for your life.

Here at BARDSociety, we help women to look deep within themselves, to begin to see patterns of their life which are holding them apart from connecting with their Inner Soul, and moving their life towards the dreams and desires they have.

If you’re serious about transforming your life, the first step to make is adjusting the LENS with which you SEE YOURSELF.

I would love to connect with you, and help you along your amazing Journey of Transformation and Self-Creation.

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Happy Musings,