BUST FEAR and Take Charge of Your Life

Are You Ready to BUST FEAR? 

Fear is just a set of thoughts you hold on to, which prevent you from moving forward in creating the life you truly desire.  Whether you want to BUST FEAR related to money, health issues, relationships, or trying new things, these belief systems are holding you back from your true Authentic Self and the greatness within.

Below are three ways to help you BUST FEAR, move forward to create your Authentic Life, honor your deepest desires, and take action to make them come true. 

Life is meant to be lived and loved.  If you are not fully living your Authentic Life, BARDS is here to help you shift your trajectory to INCREASE Abundance, Liberation and Freedom in your life.


I recently had a friend call me late one night… she was taking a new step in her Authentic Journey.  She needed a boost to put her fear aside so she could experience something new and wonderful. 

For many years, my friend had thoughts about having an “adult play party” experience.  This is a small party where people get together to enjoy recreational sex.  This party was at a hotel, and she was calling me a few doors down from the party. 

My first response was to make sure she was safe.  After determining her physical safety was in order, we started talking about the experience.

“I’m so nervous, yet I really want to do this.  I drove an hour to get here.” She told me.  I asked her what was holding her back.  “It’s something I’ve never done.  What if the people are weird?  What if I don’t find anyone attractive?  I’ve put this off for 5 years.  I know I want this.  I’m just needing to face my fears and push through.”  At this point, we talked for a few minutes more about her possible exit strategy, if needed, and I gave her the boost she needed.

I got a message from inside telling me it was strange but exciting… then silence.  I knew she decided to stay and allow herself to experience a new liberation and freedom she had desired for so long.

Later the next day I got the report…SUCCESS!  She had a really great time and found this was something she wanted to continue doing.  Her desire was stronger than her fear.


Similarly, talking about a situation or fear from a logical point of view can help bust it wide open.  Break down what the fear actually is, then work through the chain of events if you took this action.  Once you determine the ‘consequences’, the fear becomes demystified.  Then you can put the fear aside and take steps to move forward into your desires.

For example, let’s take the situation above, and follow a logical sequence of questions to BUST FEAR:

Q: What are you afraid of?

A:  Attending an adult play party

Q: What will happen if you attend?

A:  I may not have a good time. 

Q:  Then what?

A: I will feel awkward and possibly leave early

Q:  Then what?

A:  Then I will feel bad

Q:  Why?

A:  Because I didn’t have fun and other people saw me being awkward and nervous

Q:  What happens if other people see you are nervous and awkward?

A:  I feel self-conscious

Q:  What happens when you feel self-conscious?

A:  I don’t like myself and feel I am a bad person

So through this exercise we discovered the root of her fear was feeling like a bad person if something didn’t “go right” with this new and exciting experience.

Regrettably, how many times have you stopped yourself from trying something new because deep down you thought it would turn out badly and reflect on the core of who you are?  Using logic to break down a fear into the core component can help you then shift your thoughts to focus on your desire.


Presumably, you have lived enough life for you to know what you want, and know what you don’t.

However, the strong momentum of Society tells you to live a life focused on what you are ‘SUPPOSED’ to do, rather than on what works for YOU.

There is fear in change.  Fear in the ‘unknown’.  Fear in being ‘different’. 

As a child, you wanted to “fit into the crowd”.   You didn’t want to stand out.  So you followed along with came along.

Embracing you Authenticity can evoke a bit of fear itself.  Be that as it may, when you embrace and connect with your Authentic Self, she is a driving force to BUST FEAR.

Your Inner Soul is the pure positive essence of who you are.  She HAS NO FEAR.  She knows what you want, and how to lead you to it. 

Tapping into your Authenticity is the ultimate FEAR BUSTER.  My friends’ Authentic Self helped her get invited to the party, and led her to get in the car and drive an hour to the hotel.  Her Authenticity helped her through the door.  Finally, it helped her to engage and have an amazing experience.


Living or curious about an ECNM Lifestyle can keep you in the closet, living in fear of what other people will think, say or do.  This fear impacts all aspects of your life, whether you realize it or not.

As a result, you are not living an Authentic Life.

For this reason, BARDS helps you find your Authentic Self, and design an intentional life path which works for you. 

You can create a “New Normal” of living the life you most desire, and increase Abundance, Liberation and Freedom by connecting, creating and thriving with BARDS.

Start by checking out Kat’s 7 Day Video Challenge, Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward.

You are on a Journey.  We are here to walk your Journey with YOU, providing support, community, and guidance along the way.  Join us on Facebook at BARDSociety

You are in Good Company.

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