Are You a Woman With a Sexy Soul?  Learn how to Embrace YOUR SEXY Authentic Self!

Are You a Woman With a Sexy Soul?

You KNOW when you see a Woman with a Sexy Soul.  She just “oozes sex”.  She is confident, walks with a purpose and a flirt, has a perpetual little grin on her face, and exudes an energy of SEXY.

Recently, I was at a restaurant when in walked a woman wearing a T-shirt, jean crop pants and tennis shoes, yet she was a SEXY Soul.

The way she held her body, her head high, a slight smile, the sway in her hips and loads of confidence dripping from her just screamed SEXY Soul!  Its all about the ATTITUDE, not what you wear.

I’ve also had experiences where I see really beautiful women, showing off their gorgeous body, dressed to the nines, yet they are anything BUT Sexy.  Paradoxically, their attitude and energy says, I am insecure, guarded, and have low self-esteem about having a sexy soul.

A sexy body, does not equate to a Sexy Soul.

A Sexy Soul Knows her Authentic Self

Sexy is an attitude, a feeling, an energy about you.  Do you feel sexy inside, or has the sexy part of you been shamed and oppressed into oblivion?

Every woman has a Sexy Soul.  Unfortunately, many women has lost their sexy soul to the expectations of society and of “daily life”.  Especially if you are a mother.  Mothers are taught Not to be SEXY.  Yet it was SEX which made us mothers.

As a result, you slowly lose your sexual prowess, your drive for sexual exploration, and your pussy power which is the essence of womanhood. 

First, become acquainted, or re-acquainted with your Sexy Authentic Self.  That beautiful woman who is full of passion, desire, sexuality, and drive.   Develop your relationship with Your Sexy Authentic Self and really begin to KNOW who you are.   Connect with your Authentic Self to Create new pathways, which help you Thrive in your life. 

A Sexy Soul Loves her Authentic Self

Once you begin to know your Authentic Self, fall in love with her!  Yes, have a love affair with yourself.  You are the most important person in your life.  No one else spends 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of your life with you. 

Loving yourself means to take care of you physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and sexually.  Eat well, exercise and drink plenty of water.  Learn how your emotions are your guidance system, and how to move towards feeling better about anything and everything in your life.  Continue to grow and develop yourself.  Challenge your mind through reading books, podcasts, documentaries which help you grow, rather than to escape your daily life. Embrace the Laws of the Universe, and know we are all part of the larger energy which is the source of all things. 

Above all, dive into your sexuality.  Your body was made for pleasure, as well as procreation.  In fact, the very design of your sexual epicenter was created PURELY for orgasms.  Regrettably, too many women deny themselves the deepest pleasures of their bodies because THEY THEMSELVES don’t take the time to really know how to please themselves.

Loving yourself means pleasing yourself in all aspects of life.  As a result, when you love yourself sexually, you open the doors for others to love you sexually in the ways you most desire.

A Sexy Soul Accepts her Authentic Self

Once you know and love your Authentic Self, then you accept your Authentic Self for the creative, loving, passionate and sexual being you are.  In the same way you learn and apply new skills for a job, a hobby, a sport or craft, you grow in your process of developing a relationship with your Authentic Self.

In addition you give less attention to what other people think of you or what they want you to do or be.  You listen to your internal guidance system to light your path for creating your OWN LIFE, on YOUR TERMS.

There is nothing sexier than a woman who is living her life in the way SHE MOST DESIRES.  Deeply embrace your passions and your desires.  However, not just sexual passions and desires, but your passions and desires for all of LIFE. 

A Sexy Soul Projects her Authentic Self

In other words, this is a TOTAL Package.  Build your life intentionally around your passions, desires, and joy.  When you Know, Love and Accept your Sexy Authentic Self, you can’t help but PROJECT it out into the world. 

You walk with confidence, speak with passion, and act with love and kindness which wells up from the springs of your Inner Depths.  This is not something you can “fake”.  It’s something you feel deep inside and naturally flows from you

Shower yourself with passion, appreciation and joy every day.  It’s no one else’s job to do that.  Consequently, when you do this, you exude pure positive energy out into the world, and attract back to you incredible things and people which you desire and deserve.

Above all, love yourself Unconditionally.  You can never get things wrong, and you will never complete all the things you set out to do in life.  You are an ever expanding being.  The more you live, the more you become.  Love who you become along the way, each STEP of the way.

BARDS Helps you Become Your Sexy Soul

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